Monday, April 5, 2010

From Bad to Good

We left at 6:15 Thursday morning in rain, sleet and some places snow to get to the airport. At least when we got there it was no longer raining, sleeting or snowing. We had to fly on a pretty small jet but it ended up okay.

That is snow on that white thing.
See, it would have been terrible if the weather was still bad.
We made good time and the flight was nice and smooth. Look at that sky! It was gorgeous in Southern California.
I loved the John Wayne airport. I let out a deep breath and told Paul "We're home." I'm a bit dramatic when it comes to California.
When we got out our car and headed toward Colton I was so excited to see flowers, blossoms on trees and green everywhere I looked. I told him we have landed in Oz and my world is back in color. It was good for my soul.

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