Monday, April 5, 2010

Merry Easter!

To quote my friend Lauren "It seems like Mother nature got Christmas and Easter confused." There was not going to be any hunting for eggs or baskets outside this year!

The kids weren't happy but I made them get showered and cute for the basket hunt that was going to be in the house. Boo!

Finally, after they smiled and cheesed it up to my hearts content I let them start the search for their EaStEr CaNdY!

Getting hot!


It took them .67 seconds to change back into PJ's and that's how they stayed for the rest of the day.


wholarmor said...

Fun! We've done a lot of indoor hunts in the past few years. The weather sure is crazy sometimes! Mother nature got winter and spring mixed up here. We had a really warm winter with hardly any snow this year! said...

Thanks for posting your pictures. The children look beautiful. Looks like they made bright and pretty eggs. Always fun times at the Gardner home.

Heidi said...

LOL! Awesome! I didn't even buy an easter dress this year. I'm such a slacker. But we did hide eggs outside.

Your kids are so darn cute!