Wednesday, August 29, 2012

July 30th New Hampshire/Maine

Day seven. It was time to say good-bye to our beloved Boston, for a couple of days. 

We had decided to stay in New Hampshire since it was cheaper than Portland. We checked into our hotel and then headed north.

I was STARVING so we stopped and had a lobster roll in Kittery.

After food I could muster a weak smile.

After lunch and some time at the outlets we went back to our hotel, changed into swimsuits and made our way to the beach.

We had bought these little kites at a Target in Connecticut. They lasted about 10 minutes before breaking.

Who needs a kite when you have an ocean? The kids love playing in the waves.

Paul and I were spectators.

I was able to fly the kite for a few minutes before the little sticks started poking through. 

While the kids were digging they touched...something. They yelled at me to come, with my camera. WTH is this thing?!? It was nasty.

We stayed on the beach until dinner time.

We found this cool sand art near the foot washers.

As the sun was setting and the air was getting chilly a concert started. We went to check it out and even danced for a split second.

We ate giant (actually enormous, like a 1/4 of a pizza) slices of delicious, greasy, pizza. After eating we decided to shop for souvenirs and play some games along the boardwalk. This was a cray-cray shooting gallery. I had never seen anything like it. It looked like it had been on the coast since the beginning of time. They wouldn't allow flash photography. I'm guessing they didn't want to fade their treasures. 

We saw people riding these crazy "bike" things. They were giggling the whole way down the road. If we had a couple more people I would have been very tempted to rent one.

It was such a fun night. The weather was so nice and all the little shops and fried food places were right up my alley. I love that kind of crap. 

This place would deep fry just about anything you could think of. We HAD to have some fried Twinkies. We had them in Santa Cruz in 2008 and loved them. Why not try them on the east coast?

Emma bought herself a mustache ring so I took this while we waited for our heart attach to be delivered.

Andrew and Paul wanted to try deep fried Oreo's. Holy cow. These things were so heavy, so rich, so greasy and yet so tasty. They didn't sit real well though LOL! 

I get a little excited about fried food.

I had bought a pound of salt water taffy to nibble on but after these gut bombs I couldn't even think about eating more sweets. 

I loved Hampton Beach. It was totally fun, a little crazy, crowded but not too bad, slightly tacky and yet totally entertaining. The kids had so much fun there. I hope to go back some day.  

July Collage

I put this on Facebook but totally forgot to post it on my blog. Oops.

In the public garden-Boston, lobster cut-outs in Maine, 4th of July, Duck Boat tour, Hampton Beach NH, Times Square and Paul's 38th birthday.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Last Full Day in Boston

And boy did we make the most of it! We walked ALL OVER THE CITY. Of course it was awesome and we loved every minute of it, unless we were hungry. Note to self-My pictures are out of order because part way through the day I filled up my 8gb memory card and had to put in my other card so the number count started over.  

We started the day on the Freedom Trail

We ended the day eating pizza at Uno's near Fenway Park. We were a little bummed that there weren't any games being played while we were there. (The Sox were in New York playing the Yankees.) We wanted the kids to see the stadium anyway. After walking around the stadium Bobby and Jackie picked us up and took us to ice cream in Waltham. 

Okay, earlier in the day, on the Freedom Trail we saw the Paul Revere House. This time we actually went inside. It was so tiny and not too exciting but I am so glad we did it. They have actual artifacts displayed from that time that were very interesting. No photos allowed though. Boo!

Paul by Paul's house.

We didn't stop, but we wanted to...

Andrew in the Old North Church.

Making our way across the water to Old Iron Sides.

Finally! We made it to the USS Constitution. 

We took a water taxi back over toward the aquarium.

We caught the subway. I love the Boston subway. So much nicer, cleaner, newer and they even had fans in the stations.

We passed this area of town while on the Duck Boat tour. We were told that these statues were put up in 1998 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Irish famine. It's very serious stuff. Emma wanted a picture by them but the birds kept landing on their heads. We couldn't help but laugh as the pigeons roosted and pooped on their heads. We are so naughty.

Frog Pond!

My favorite, the Swan boats.

We actually got to ride on one. 

What would a pond with swan boats be without real swans?

We made our way to the Make Way for Ducklings statue. It was so cute! Don't tell but I think I'm going to get each of the kids this book for Christmas. 

Back to the Freedom Trail

I was obsessed with these windows last time I was in Boston and it was no different this time. They are just gorgeous. No one is in the building still. Maybe we should look into renting it ; )

I took almost 600 pictures this day. It was so hard narrowing it down to these 50. It hurts my heart a little to look at the pictures. It reminds me of how wonderful it is there. How lovely the weather was. How kind the people were. How gorgeous everything was. It is such an awesome city. I long to be there. I miss Boston. Everything about it. Anyone know where I can get a good lobster roll in Utah? Me either. Sigh!