Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easter 2014

This year we decided to have the kids find the contents of their baskets rather than just look for a full basket. I made a checklist so they knew what was theirs and how much they could have. You have to make it even steven you know. They really had a lot of fun!It made the hunt last much longer, especially since not everything was in plain sight.

Paul and Emma has an assignment to help at the developmental center early Easter morning. We had our regular church meetings as well. All that added up to a busy Easter day so I decided to not do the big traditional meal. We did breakfast food and it was sort of a bust.

We ended the day will the Hall's annual Easter egg roll. Emma had an egg with a wrapper that did pretty well. The weather was gorgeous and the day was Spirit filled. Overall it was a lovely Easter.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

California Part 3

Thursday August 1st

Paul had some work to do again in the morning so I let the kids sleep in. I made two trips to the hotel buffet to get all this food for our breakfast. I hope they appreciate me! Once he got home we headed to the Irvine Spectrum for some shopping and then to the beach! We rented a boogie board for the kids. They had a blast. After we were done at the beach we did a little back to school shopping at the surf shops. 

This was our view during dinner. I think we all could get used to this! 

To get back to our hotel we could go by Disneyland, or not. We debated and finally decided to. How bad could it be? Oh it was awful, we wanted to go in so badly. But we didn't. This wasn't a Disneyland trip. We walked around Downtown Disney for a while. We ate beignets and soaked in as much Disney as would could from outside the gate. It's been WAY TOO LONG!  

Lego Land

World of Disney

Disneyland fireworks

California Part 2

July 31st-San Diego

Paul had some meetings Wednesday morning. We had a hard time deciding what to do when he got back to the hotel. Finally we settled on driving to San Diego to see what it had to offer. We had our sights set on Old Town and The Mormon Battalion was also on our list. We had no idea that they were right next to each other. What a happy coincidence. We went in and found out about their tours and then headed out to shop.

As souvenir lovers the kids and I had a blast in Old Town. Paul was a good sport but it really wasn't his thing. The weather however was EXACTLY his thing. It was perfect! He was just so happy to not be working and to be walking around in weather that was in the low 70's.

After shopping around (all we bought was one Christmas ornament for me, a pair of earrings for Emma and a Mexican sweatshirt for Andrew) we headed back to the Battalion to go on a tour. It was super cool. It was very interactive and informative. I'm so glad we took the time to do the tour. 

Andrew got to dress up like one of the soldiers. They didn't have much in the way of uniforms. The Mormons chose to wear their own clothes so they could use the money they were given for uniforms to help their families get out west.

At the end of the tour they take your picture, print you a copy and even email you one.

 From there you get to pan for "gold" which the kids really enjoyed.

We climbed up into the tower and looked out across San Diego. It was awesome up there. There aren't words to describe just how perfect the weather was. You have to understand that we have had a record number of 100+ degree days in Utah this year. You also have to understand that we don't have an air conditioner. It broke earlier this summer and we decided to make due without until we know what's happening with Paul's job. Our swamp cooler keeps us cool for the most part but to be in this weather was just heavenly. 

The sisters at the Battalion gave us coupons for dinner. Ah Mexican food, how I love thee.

After dinner we drove near the coast and saw this cool ship at the Maritime Museum. Did you know that I've always fantasized about being a pirate's wench at sea on a tall ship? That may or may not be true...

From there we drove to the temple to show the kids just how gorgeous it is. 

It was our first time being in San Diego together and we all loved it. It is such a beautiful place!