Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3-Freedom Trail/City/Temple

Saturday we decided to spend the day seeing Boston and following the Freedom Trail. We started at the Old State House and the sight of the Boston Massacre.
After that we went to the visitor's center where we found out we could take a water taxi over the one end of the trail to avoid backtracking. That sounded like a great plan! We made our way to Faneuil Hall and then walked over to the water to catch our taxi.
There really isn't anything I love more than seeing a city from the water.
We got off at the navy yard and made our way to the Bunker Hill memorial. This is Colonel William Prescott. Paul suggested we climb up the memorial so we could look out the windows at the top. How bad could it really be?
This is how it is inside. Just a tiny, stone, winding staircase that consists of 294 narrow steps. There is barely enough room for those going up and those going down to pass. The echoing sounds of voices in there was haunting.
We made it to the top of the 221 foot granite obelisk with our legs and lungs burning. Here is the view from one of the windows. There was a guy at the top laying down. The park rangers we on their way up with medical equipment to help him. We passed them on our way down. I have no clue how you would help someone come down that thing.
I can't begin to tell you how badly the climb messed up my legs. They were wiggly, wobbly and jello-ey, for hours. As a matter of fact they are still sore five days later. Keep in mind this was just the beginning of our journey on the Freedom Trail! What a mistake LOL!
We left the memorial and walked across the bridge back into the city.
We visited some old cemeteries. This happens to be Copp's Hill with plots dating back to 1659.

We saw a couple of churches. This is the Old North Church.

The church had all these boxes to sit in. It was really unique. Outside we saw Saint Francis.

We saw the Paul Revere statue.
Then we took a break. We went to the North End, Boston's Little Italy. I can't thank Joi enough for suggesting Mike's Pastry. They make the best cannoli's ever.
Since it was a Saturday it was crazy busy. There are no lines, you just have to push your way to the counter.
Finally success!
We took a few bites and then decided we needed lunch. We stopped here for a slice of pizza. I wanted a calzone though.
Paul was almost done with his slice by the time I got my food. It doesn't look that big in this picture but trust me, this calzone was gigantic.
After lunch we continued down the trail to Paul Revere's house.
Then we made it back to where we started.
I seriously loved being in Boston in spring. Tulips, flowers and blossoms were everywhere. It was gorgeous!

I wanted to see the temple so we drove out there. It was stunning.

The is the very back.

A girl from Maine who was there on what I assume was a youth temple trip took our picture for us. They had to travel 3 hours to get to the temple.
After the temple we made our way to On the Border for some guacamole and pina coladas. It was a busy day with a lot of beautiful sites to take it.


Heidi said...

Oh my gosh! Where do I start! I love every picture you took, and I could not agree more, nothing like a city view from the water! I'm so jealous! I want to visit Boston so bad! (Even more now!) Your picture of St. Francis is fantastic! And you in the tulips! Could you be cuter!? That stairwell would have made crazy. That is a steep climb. No wonder your legs were jello!

rlg said...

Beautiful pictures with the perfect commentary. I think I would have felt claustrophobic going up that narrow stairwell. To scary for me.

Debbie Radtke said...

Your pictures are great. It brings back many good memories. My husband and I haven't been to Boston in a few years and now I want to go back.

I felt the same way when I climbed Bunker Hill. I was almost done in for the day.

I'm so glad you ate at Mike's Pastries. We think it is the best!

I'm so glad you had a great time in New England. One of my dreams is to get out to the West, especially the Grand Canyon.