Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Belch Man

Andrew's class has been working on creating superheroes. Each child came up with their own hero, designed their costume and thought up what super powers they would have. Last week they found out that they had to make one piece of their costume at home. Crap! I hate assignments that fall on the parent's shoulders.

The superhero that Andrew created was Belch Man. He wears a belt that holds soda cans and when evil is approaching he grabs a can, pops the top, drinks it and kills the enemy with a giant belch.

Here is the belt that we made. Andrew helped with the design, the picking of the supplies and he did some of the spray painting. I did all the fancy sewing. (Sarcasm)

I hope we get a good grade!


reayfamily said...

Sweet...I love the idea! Very creative and so boyish!!! Good luck :D

Rees said...

BELCH MAN RULES!!! Great belt :-) Is that DR. PEPPER I see in there????!!!!!!