Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break?

Are you sure?

Today we have had hail.

We have heard thunder. We have seen some rain. It is cold and dark. It sucks. It is suppose to be crappy weather through Wednesday. My house is a wreck because the kids don't want to go outside. They have been having Nerf gun wars in the living room. Each corner of the room has a pillow fort/refuge that is their safe zone. Right now, thank goodness, they are veggin' out watching Planet 51. I need to check our budget and see what kinds of activities we can afford to do, like bowling, a movie or indoor mini golf. I need to find something or this could be a very long week.


NYC Mom said...

I'm sorry you had a yucky break, but Easter looked very colorful!!

Sunshine and Shadows said...

But Nerf wars are so much fun.

Louise said...

Looks like a very fun Easter. Emma and Andrew are so cute.