Monday, April 5, 2010


Friday morning we went to the 3rd Street Promenade to find a Crocs store. I'm sad to report our pansy feet weren't ready for flip flops even though the weather was perfect for them. I had forgotten it takes time to build up calluses and to get used to the feeling of walking barefoot. We found some suitable shoes and I found my third H&M. We also saw these cool dudes.

Then we drove by the Santa Monica pier.

Into Beverly Hills
past Rodeo Drive
to where Hollywood Blvd. intersects with our favorite street in Souther California.
Gardner St.

On Saturday we went to Huntington Beach where we parked by this LOL!
I sat in the car reading my book, watching the water, enjoying the sun on my legs and listening to all the sounds while Paul shopped the sidewalk sales for deals on surf clothes.
It couldn't have been more perfect. Just as I would start to get a little warm a breeze would blow through and cool me off. I was in heaven.

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