Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week Again

On Monday morning a bunch of the PTA moms decorated the classroom doors and watched the classes for the first hour of school while the teachers had a special breakfast.

Here are the doors that I could get pictures of. I am always blown away with the creativity.

This is one of my favorites. That is a real floatie that is blown up on the door.
This is a great idea for a male. (Sorry it wasn't up yet while I was walking around)
This class has double teachers so this idea really worked well.

This one cracks me up (no pun intended) Can you see the problem?
I love this.

The picture in the middle is actually the teacher on Halloween. How cool is that? Each of the little people is an actual student photo put on the little bodies. You should have seen the teacher's reaction. He loved it!
This is the one I helped Janna do. She came up with the concept and I just helped her execute it. The solid papers have thank you notes or drawings from the students.

Each tag has a written message from the students.

LOVE the grapes!

All the kids got to sign this one.
I love when they use the student's pictures.
Maggie did this door. Each star has a child's name on it.

Hope this gives you some good ideas!

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reayfamily said...

Thank you! I feel like I had my own private little tour!! I haven't had a chance to go and see all of them...so fun and creative! ps...since I might not be able to make it on Wed, do you think we could plan another girls outting??