Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow Day!

It feels like we have been going and going and going. Today we didn't do anything. We stayed close to home all day. I didn't put on make-up or do my hair. Paul didn't shave and we've all been in pajamas almost all day long. It's a little slice of heaven I tell ya.

This morning we did go sledding but it's right in our neighborhood so it doesn't really feel like it counts as going somewhere. Here are some pictures of our sledding adventures.

It all started in our front yard while Paul shoveled the driveway.

We have a love/hate relationship with the snowplows. They do us a service that we need but they leave giant snow boulders that freeze into place right at the base or our driveway. You can't drive through one of those bad boys. They also only do a strip down the middle of the road. They don't bother with the lanes, you just get the middle plowed. 

Paul  had to break them down with our garden shovel.

The kids tried sledding off of our terraces and down the steps but gave up. They then started throwing snowballs at us. 

That's when we decided to drive down to the "toilet bowl" that is at the end of our neighborhood. I don't know what the area is other than a drainage area. During the summer it's all grass with the grate at the bottom. During the winter it is the neighborhood sledding area. Here are a couple of shots of where we were. 

Andrew wants to try snowboarding. He may be ready. He did really well like this. 

The kids decided they needed a break so they went down in the drain hole and hung out for a while. 

Paul took a ride down once.

I know you can't see it but there is a jump that someone built. You can get some serious air. I tried to keep the kids away from it but they each went off the jump once. I think Andrew went twice. I am so glad they didn't get hurt. This kid landed hard. 

Before we left I went down once. I quickly remembered how much I hate feeling out of control and dug my heels into the snow. I was done pretty fast. 

It was cold so we didn't stay for too long. We were probably only there an hour. 23 is not a happy temperature for me. 

Thank goodness for hotty hand warmers. 

Arrrrr! Back to Pirate Island We Go

It's hard to get new, exciting pictures when you go to the same place twice in a month, so I didn't. 

Paul and I both bought coupons when they were offering them on Screamin' Daily Deals. We decided to use the second one yesterday. It was a little hairy getting to Orem. It was one of the worst travel days we've had this winter. The roads were totally snow covered and slushy but we made it. 
Since the last time we were there they totally changed the menu so we just got pizza. It was really good. 

I didn't think they had dessert anymore (It wasn't listed on the new menu's) but alas they did. 

Don't I look happy? My plan is to overdose on sugar during this winter break so when the kids go back to school I will be so sick of sugar I'll be able to quit cold turkey. Think it will work? Me either. 

Our service was terrible this time. We were in the very farthest corner and this place is huge. (It used to be a movie theater) It seemed to take forever for us to get anything. A soda had been spilled on, around and under the table so everything was sticky and the poor girl who waiting on us had body odor so badly it would smell up the entire area each time she came near us. I could literally smell her coming. It made it so Andrew and I could barely eat. It took her a long time to get our to go boxes and our bill. The kids were about to jump out of their skin so we let them go to the arcade without us. They had spent almost all of their tokens by the time we got to them. Oh well, what can you do?  While we were stuck at the table Emma hit the bonus on one game and won over 300 tickets.

After that the winnings were slim.

It's hard work carrying around a stack like this.

In no time the kids were counting their tickets and cashing them in for prizes.

We weren't there long but we still had fun. I really do love this place even though this trip was a little less than perfect. When we came out the snow had stopped making the drive home a little less scary. Around 4:00 pm the snow started again and didn't stop for quite a while. As I said on Facebook, if I never saw snow again I would totally be okay. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Christmas has Come and Gone

We had a wonderful Christmas morning. The kids were very patient while both Paul and I showered and got ready. I couldn't believe they allowed it. Here they are excitedly waiting for the "no peak sheet" to be lowered.

Paul always teases them mercilessly. 

Their reaction to what Santa left for them.

The first thing the kids opened after going through their stockings were the gifts from each other. Emma burned a ninja into wood for Andrew during flex time at school.

Andrew got Emma Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

Santa left me things too ; )

This book was one of the first things we wrapped and put under the tree. It took a while for the kids to figure out what was in the package. They were intrigued by the weight of it. Finally they realized it was a book and Andrew put two and two together and figured out if was a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. He brought out his stack of other to compare size and shape and sure enough it was a match. Silly boy. He takes after his mother. Of course he wanted to open it up right away. 

Emma got some toxic green nail polish from yours truly. She loved it. 

We bought Marius a sweater. I thought the small dog size would be a good fit but I was wrong. It barely went over his head. 

It was so tight he wouldn't even move. 

His fur was all mussed in the back poor guy. It had to be chocking him. We took the sweater back. Hopefully we can get him one for a medium sized dog when they go on clearance. Who knew he was so girthy. 

This was one of Andrew's favorite gifts. He loves Sock Monkey and he wanted button up pajamas like Paul and I have. It was perfect. He's been wearing them constantly. 

Paul got me some super nice measuring spoons and cups. Love! 

Paul is impossible to shop for so I stole an idea from my friend Emily and gave him a cookie of the month club as a gift. He can pick whatever flavor of cookie he wants once a month and I will make it. He seemed happy with it. 

I got a lot of exercise stuff. Snow shoes, dri-fit tops, sports bra and a gift card to get some running shoes. I am only getting older and fatter so I am excited to get some things that might make exercise more tolerable. 

We are so grateful for the blessing of Christmas and Christ's birth. We feel blessed that we were able to provide a nice Christmas for our kids. I love that we were able to make so many fun memories leading up to Christmas and can't wait to do that again. I love my little family very much and am so thankful for them. I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas.