Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Last Full Day-Maine

The kids had been hearing about our lobster dinner in Maine for years. We knew if we ate there again that we were going somewhere touristy. It was tempting to try to find something the locals loved, but in the end we went back so the kids could experience Dimillo's like we had. First and foremost Andrew wanted to eat a giant shrimp. He loves shrimp. He was pretty excited when he say the size of these bad boys. I think he thought we had exaggerated. Nope, they're bigger than any he had seen before.

I think our waitress thought we were nuts when we asked her to take our picture but you only live once.

This was my lunch. The kids got lazy man lobster. It's a bowl of lobster meat swimming in butter. I stole a bite. It was so rich and delicious.

Of course my lobster was good but after watching the kids eat theirs with such ease I may never get a full lobster again. 

We learned from our mistake this time and went to see the lighthouses AFTER we ate.

It's such a beautiful and peaceful place to be.

The kids were such great travelers on this trip. They really did well.

While visiting the lighthouse this time Paul and I were all lovey dovey but the kids knew better. There is video proof (and the kids have seen it) that Paul and I were not exactly nice to each other last time we were here. 

We decided to recreate how we were behaving the last time we were here LOL!

It was a little too cool to play in the water so we decided to look at some tide pools.

All was well until the very end when we all slipped. Andrew got scratched up pretty badly. This is Emma's foot. Ouch! 

We found another beach that evening. The kids had also heard about this giant souvenir store that we had been to. They wanted to go so bad but we couldn't remember where it was. We drove to where Paul thought it was and tried to fake them out with this little beach town but they wised up to us. We still had fun there walking on the beach. The sky was grey and overcast but it was still so pretty. They had some rocks that were exposed due to low tide and we found this little guy.

Of course I had to take tons of pictures of the kids and Paul. They just looked so happy walking along the ocean.

We found this sand art on our way back to our car. Maine never disappoints.