Saturday, April 10, 2010

March 2010 is Over!

March was NUTS!!! I made a list of all the crap I had to do, it was huge. Couple that with feeling Blah and you have a very busy, hard month. I am very glad it's over. Since we ran out of town on the 1st I forgot to blog a couple of things from the end of the month.

Andrew got his Wolf.
We procrastinated until the very end but he finally got it. He was also suppose to get a gold arrow point, four silvers and five belt loops. They screwed up and only had a gold and silver arrow point and not loops. He was pretty sad about that but at least he earned them before his birthday.

Emma's ballroom came to an end on March 31st. I was asked to host the year end party for all three classes. I got to put on a pizza party for over 70 kids! I worked for days collecting money, driving here and there and calling people begging for help. It could have gone better. I should have had more moms help out at the party but the kids got fed and there's no going back now. You live and learn.

The ballroom kids gave a final concert for the parents. It was great. I had gotten a new 4 gb memory card for my camera. It isn't a professional speed card like my 2 gb is and well, my pictures all sucked. I shouldn't have tried it out at such an important event. We didn't even take the video camera. As I said before, live and learn...

Here is Emma with Shane doing a new Cha Cha.
This is the cute group that was in our carpool. I loved these kids. They were so respectful and just good kids.
I am a proud mom and I love my kids.

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