Saturday, April 10, 2010

Andrew is Nine (Almost)

Tomorrow Andrew turns nine years old. We decided to celebrate his birthday today rather than on Sunday, just to make things easier.

Public Service Announcement~Hide all Family Fun magazines when a birthday is approaching.

Andrew found this picture of an ocean cake in my magazine and told me he wanted me to make it for him.

It seemed easy enough so I agreed. I used to make all the birthday cakes but then I got really lazy. (Actually I started working so I wasn't lazy so much as busy.) I am not a decorator. I got in the habit of buying cakes. picking up really pretty cakes from the bakery is so easy. It's been years since I made a birthday cake for one of the kids so I wasn't completely surprised when we had a few problems along the way.

The cake stuck in the floured pan big time! It didn't go to waste though. The boys ate most of it for me.
After I saw that the whole bottom tore off I almost threw it away. I didn't and ended up salvaging it in the end. I stuck it in the freezer just like this.
The next day when it was frozen solid I moved it off the wire cooling rack. I could easily frost it without it tearing or breaking anymore since it was nice and hard.

That wasn't our only problem though.

We could not find the candy that we needed. I wish Utah had store like The Sweet Factory but they don't. We had to rely on grocery stores for all of our supplies. Our options were very limited. This is the best we could do.
He helped me place the picks and some of the other things. He said he wished he could keep the cake forever because it was the coolest cake ever.

One of his presents was this totally awesome, gigantic pair of mirrored aviator glasses. He loves these silly things.
Awww, there's my boy.
We took Andrew to Pirate Island for his birthday. I think I need to do a whole post someday just on that place. We loved it. It's our try someplace new for April.

He got to open some presents while we waited for our food. This is something he has wanted for a very long time.
I'm inappropriately calling it kiddy-porn. He thinks she is soooo hot.
He got a Star Wars lego set, a lot of books, Mario Cart and...
a skateboard with all the necessary safety gear. He was so excited.
After we ate everyone played in the arcade for a while. Can you identify the butts?
This game is kind of like jump rope but you jump when the lights go by.
There was an awesome shooting range.
Seriously how cool is this place?
The arcade was a little on the small side but no one complained, they stayed busy and Andrew ended up with over 500 tickets.
I love themed anything so this restaurant was right up my alley.
After the arcade we went back to our booth for his cake.
Here is what he got with all of his tickets.

We ended up getting a few more tokens for him after we ate cake.
Then it was family picture time.
The entrance is very Pirates of the Caribbean like.
On the way home we stopped off at a flat track (there isn't much flat by our house) so Andrew could try out his new board.
He did much better than I expected.

I even got a double thumbs up.

Happy early birthday Buddy. Our lives wouldn't be complete without you.


Sunshine and Shadows said...

The cake turned out nicely. I love Family Fun magazine. They have the best ideas.

Disneypal said...

Your cake turned out super cute! Looks like he had a great day. I love the first photo with him jumping in front of that game - cool shot.

Happy Birthday Andrew !

Anonymous said...

I love the cake and everyone looked so happy. It was perfect day for him. You can tell by his big smile.

helmet hair 365 said...

Great cake! One year my son asked for a pyramid cake-- with treasure inside, lol. I did my best but it ended up looking like a lopsided beehive...

I love his expression when he unwraps the book!

Heidi said...

I love that cake! And that jumprope game looks so fun. I also love all the pictures you post. I love to look at all of them!

Emily said...

The expression on his face while holding up the book with that girl on it, is hilarious! It makes me giggle. A lot.

rlg said...

So glad that Andrew had a great birthday and we are thankful we could be a part of it. You look so cool on that skateboard Andrew!

wholarmor said...

Cute cake! Looks like a great party! Happy birthday, Andrew!