Monday, April 5, 2010

Lakers Vs. Jazz

One of Paul's dreams finally came true. He got to go to a game at the Staples Center. We got there a little too early (traffic was much lighter than anticipated) so we walked around and planned to go to the shop to get something to wear to the game. We found out that the shop closed before games and that it was getting very cold.

We headed back to our car and changed into warmer more appropriate clothes, in the parking lot!
We ate dinner at the Palm restaurant right by the Staples Center. When we got up to security to get into the game we saw signs posted that no cameras with flashes or a lenses longer than 3.5 inches was permitted. Crap! I sat my camera in the plastic security bin and watched as the guard eyed it like there was no way in hell she was letting it in. But then we got lucky and she approved it. I walked through the metal detector counting my blessings.
We had made it in!
We were so excited...

I was really super duper cautious with my camera. There was no way I was going to get kicked out. I did manage to get a few shots that prove we were really there LOL! It is sooo hard to shoot a fast moving game when the light is really really low. Not that I would have tried it but tri-pods and monopods were not allowed.

I loved these bangers they handed out during the second half. Jack in the Box sponsored them and Jack had instructions printed on them. They read Hit this banger thing against the other banger thing. I thought that was hilarious.

After the big win!
Lakers 106 - Jazz 92 Because the Lakers broke a 100 and kept the Jazz under 1oo we won two free tacos from Jack in the Box.
I so wish we were in focus in this picture. It might have been my new favorite of us because I know just how happy Paul is.

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