Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break Update

Overall our spring break was........boring!

Mon. & Tues. it was freezing and there were no friends to play with. The kids were besides themselves with boredom. We took pity on them Wed. Paul took a half day and we decided to play.

We went to lunch at In-N-Out.

Then we went to Target for some contraband.
Then we snuck it into the theater. This is honestly the first time we have done that. We normally don't plan far enough ahead.
We were the only ones in the theater for quite some time so we took pictures.

We got these cute silver Crocs in California for Emma. I'm wishing I had gotten myself a pair.
Finally a few other people started showing up so we stopped taking silly pictures. The theater never got very full. The kids like the movie. I liked the how it looked but I got confused. I still don't think I get it. Oh well. After the movie we shopped and then made our way down to Provo to shop some more. Then we went to the creamery to eat dinner and dessert. Yum! Do you know how delicious fries dipped in guacamole is? Very. I think I want some right now...

Thursday we ran errands, like getting Andrew's hair cut and buying candy for his birthday cake and then we spent two hours at the dentist!

Friday we did next to nothing. Emma finally got to play with friends but none of the neighborhood boys were around for Andrew. He was pretty sad and I got to entertain him.

Now it's all over. Back to early mornings. Back to routines. Back to quiet time for me!!!

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Heidi said...

I'm so jealous of the In-n-Out pics. I miss that place so very much. Stoopid Chicago.

I love all the fun theater pics. I got in trouble for having a camera last time we saw a movie and they came in and told me to put it away!