Monday, April 5, 2010

Brain Fart

Our trip to the Newport Temple was not one of our finer moments.

Brain fart #1

We knew there was a toll road but we thought we would have more options. It only took ones and fives; we only had tens and larger. It didn't take credit. We had cars behind us and no where to go without getting a toll violation and a big fat bill in the mail. Paul was struggling to get his shoes on to see if anyone could make change for us. I am so surprised we weren't honked at or yelled at. Finally the nice dude behind us just gave us a buck. We were so embarrassed.

Brain Fart #2

When we pulled up to the temple it was deserted. The gates were locked. What the heck? Why would the temple be closed on a Saturday. Could it be closed for cleaning? Is it getting refurbished? No, it's conference Saturday. Duh!!!

We did the best we could without being able to get onto the grounds. It is such a unique temple. We hope to go back again.

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Qwendykay said...

Promise me next time you will come during non-tax season and I will take you around to all the hot shopping places! And to the little dive Mexican places!! So bummed we couldn't hang out this trip!