Saturday, April 10, 2010


I find it funny that I'm posting pictures of Emma on the day we celebrated Andrew's birthday but I took these and had to post them.

Emma is certainly growing up. We measured her last night. She is over 5 feet tall. She's grown over an inch since Christmas. Most days she is still in full tomboy mode but more and more often she'll ask if she can put on a little make-up or if I'll help her with her hair. One of these days I think she will be 95% girly girl (okay maybe 85%) but we're not there yet.

She has grown out of girl's shoes and most of the girls clothes. We are now finding ourselves shopping in the teen sections and at teen stores. This shirt and her cute plaid shoes are from Rue 21. I didn't think should would fit into anything there but she did! I'm already worrying about what to buy her for Junior High. It seems like a foreign world and in reality it's just around the corner.

Today she got a little glammed up wearing a little make-up, earrings and an up-do.

I thought she looked adorable.
Even though I am excited that she is growing up and that we have more in common now I am still thankful that she still knows how to play and act like a kid. Right now she is barefoot and jumping on a trampoline. This afternoon she took her brothers new skateboard for a ride.
And she still take time out to search for four leaf clovers.
My precious baby girl sure is growing up.


Heidi said...

Oh she is so pretty! And she is also taller than me. :)

rlg said...

Emma is such a beautiful girl. So easy to love and such a sweetie.