Friday, April 30, 2010

14th Anniversary

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary. We've had ups and downs but the past few years have definitely been ups. I feel very lucky to have Paul. I love him so much and he truly is my best friend.

Now, are you ready to gag a little? Sorry but I wanted to put this quick layout together.

I used a template by Janet Phillips for this layout. It's called 2 many photos 11 and the kit is Spring Has Sprung by Makita Studio.


rlg said...

Happy 14th Anniversary! You are blessed to be married to your best friend. Hope you have at least 60 more happy anniversaries together.

TMTCO said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the layout. I don't think that I have any photos of my hubby and I kissing, other than our wedding. I am going to have to get on THAT! :)

wholarmor said...

Happy anniversary! Love the kissing pictures! I need to get more of those with me and my husband! Here's to many, many more anniversaries!