Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stop Reading!

That is what Paul said to me last night.

I find it hilarious that he would say that to me. I didn't read for the first 10 years of our marriage. (I hadn't figured out what kinds of books I enjoyed so I just never read. That all changed in the airport on our way to Chicago. I picked up a mystery and was hooked.) Once I started reading he was really excited and now he is telling me to stop?

He has been gone the last two night working on a group project for school. I have had a few hours alone after the kids went to bed to read. I have finished two books since the beginning of the month. He thinks I should stop reading so I have something left for Boston. I just don't know if I can do that.

When I found out I was going to California I knew I needed something to read. I was wishing that Lisa Lutz would come out with a new book. I loved her first three. (Click Here) I went to her website to see if another book was in the works and to my surprise book #4 had just been released.

I want to say again that there is a hand full of cuss words in these books. (The F word is also included) It wasn't enough to offend me, but then again I'm pretty crass. I couldn't read this fast enough and it didn't disappoint. I simply adore the wackadoodle, screwed up, dysfunctional characters in this book. I love the way the characters are written. They seem so real it makes me feel like I know them. Lisa has a real talent for bringing them to life. (Yes, in my head we are on a first name basis and could sit and chat over lunch for hours.) I can't stop grinning the whole time I am reading these books.

I so hope she continues with this series but if she doesn't things are pretty tied up. They are also in the process of making the first book into a movie. I'm cautiously optimistic.
I loved the mystery series by Kate White that has the character Bailey Weggins. Her publisher did not allow her to write anymore of those books until she wrote a stand alone novel. This is that novel. I was anxious to read it and almost got it before we went to Winnemucca but waited and ordered it from Amazon since it wasn't on sale at our local bookstore.

This book is another murder mystery, my favorite genre. It has a rather graphic (to me at least) sex scene in the beginning but after that it was clean. There is swearing but again it's not over the top. I could hardly put this book down. Kate doesn't end her chapters nicely. LOL! Each one is a mini cliffhanger. I read this in two evenings and was mildly disappointed in the ending. There was nothing wrong with it but something just didn't sit right with me. I don't know if I can say I would recommend it, at least not to my LDS friends. I would hate to offend any of them.
These are the books that I have in my possession and are next on my list.

I found this on a book readers blog and thought it sounded interesting.
This is the second book in a pretty good sized series. I didn't love the first book but then again I often don't love the first book in a series. I get annoyed by the author taking so long to introduce the characters yada yada yada. Once all that is out of the way I usually can enjoy the book a lot more. Anyway I decided it was better than nothing and I have hopes that I will fall in love with this series eventually.
I read the DaVinci code last month (yes I am many years behind) and enjoyed it. Paul liked this one even better so it's on my list. I'm hesitant to start it though because I am worried about it being more graphic.
I'm such a rebel. I think I will start one tonight.


CarrieAnn said...

Angels and Demons is the best of the Dan Brown books! Read it now! But beware, you will want to visit Rome after wards to see all the places in the book.

Wingnut said...

I agree with you on HUSH...I felt like she rushed to finish it up in a neat bow.