Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Normally I try to Avoid Going Places with my Kids...

because I feel like I'm herding cats and they make me spend way more money than I plan to. But today I had some stuff to do. It started with a trip to the mall. I had ordered $5 t-shirts for the 4th of July from American Eagle. They came and I didn't like the style that I had chosen for Emma and I to wear. (yes the boys and girls are matching, that's how I roll) 

I called the store and they said they would hold the one I wanted for one hour and there were only two left. I had just gotten done exercising, I hadn't showered and we live almost 30 minutes away. I ran to the shower. Andrew decided to go with me. He found a hat he really wanted. (you will see him wearing it later in this post. It has mesh...) Of course I gave in. Sigh!

I got my return/exchange done and off we went to the Children's Place. Warning, they are having a really good sale right now. We got him a hideously awesome pair of red, white and blue patchwork shorts to wear this weekend. After a couple more stops we headed home. 

We all had lunch and then I convinced my kids to join me on a trip to Macey's. They were having a celebration and if anyone can throw a party it's Macey's.

We also needed gas before tonight and some soda. We got there and scoped everything out. They had a live band, a huge blow-up to play on, BBQ's set up, craft stations and drawings to win fireworks. We entered the drawings and then went to do the crafts. It was freaking hot. Andrew said he needed water. I sort-of think he wanted to get one of these cool water pouches. For his craft he chose an airplane kit.

Emma made a patriotic necklace and they each got a flag.

She made her necklace really quickly and then wanted to plan on the bouncy again. Be careful when you look at this picture, your eyes may bleed. 

We went inside to get our soda and watched an old lady flood the soda isle with one of those re-fillable water stations they have. It was kind-of hilarious because she didn't even care. They each conned me into buying them a ball and some candy. After we checked out we loaded up the car and Emma asked if we could try the new frozen yogurt place. I was leery to take them. I was thinking, that's even more money! The problem is, I can't say no to frozen yogurt and I have been craving it like crazy since I had some on Harvard's campus. 

We decided to go and it was soooo gooood! The place is called Yogurt Bliss and their Tart Original with gummy bears is awesome! They let you sample the flavors so you don't mess up. There were several that I wanted to get. We were in heaven. I didn't let the kids get too much since you pay by the ounce but they managed to get really full even with their small portions. 

The place is adorable. They decorate with all of my favorite colors. If you go, check out the bathrooms. Holy bright paint batman!

Andrew got root-beer float flavored yogurt with a bunch of nasty toppings like fruity pebbles, gummy worms and bears and white chocolate chips. Emma got New York Cheesecake with little cheesecake balls as her only topping. They both ooo'ed and ahhh'ed the whole time they ate. I'm not sure if they had ever had frozen yogurt before. I am so glad that it's getting popular again. It's one thing I miss from the 90's. 

As we were driving home we hit a storm that only lasted a couple of minutes. Weird. 

We weren't home too long before the phone rang. I saw on caller ID that it was Macey's. That could only mean one thing.


I told the kids and we all started jumping up and down, squealing with excitement. 

We headed right back down to the store to claim our prize. We didn't win the "big" prize (the other firework set was valued at $500)  but we were totally thrilled anyway. 

I still can't believe we won! The kids were SOOOO excited. Heck I was totally excited. I'm still grinning like an idiot while I sit here writing about it. 

Guess what we'll be doing this weekend? Burn baby burn. 

We had so much fun today. I love the stages my kids are in. It's days like this that totally fill my heart with love. I hope they remember these happy times and think back on our time spent together fondly. We are totally going to have to go out together more often.


Yesterday the kids had a Primary Carnival. After going to Girl's Camp Emma thought she was too grown up to attend a primary event. I told her she could go to it or be in the primary program. She decided to go. They had a blow up house, a dunk tank and face painting. I'm sure there were other things too but I wasn't there and those were the only things I was told about. Andrew got dunked many times, that is why is spider is smudged.

We tried something new for dinner. Navajo Taco's. Emma had them at camp and raved about them. Hers had chili though. We will have to try that too. It isn't a new recipe since it's just like tacos only on a different "surface" but it is something new we could add into our rotation. When I was telling Paul about it and he heard scone he said "how can that be bad?" I don't think it can be. We all liked it but Andrew and I prefer regular (well regular to us and more tostada like to others) tacos. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

I just went into Emma's room.

Me: "Hey baby girl. It's time to get up."

Emma: "Huh? Why can't we sleep in?"

Note: It is 10:10 a.m.

I go to the hallway floor/entry to our bedroom where Andrew is sleeping. (Yes you read that correctly)

Me: "Hey buddy, buddy. It's time to get up."

Andrew: "But there isn't school today."

Me: "No but you aren't going to bed well so I need to wake you up earlier."

Andrew: Rolls over, stretches and makes sleepy sounds.

Note: It has  been 10 minutes and neither child is up out of bed. Both kids crashed a little after 11:00 p.m. last night after a hard afternoon/evening of playing. You have to love summer!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Emma's Home!!!

This is how she was returned to me. I little rough around the edges! (The good news is she didn't stink.) These are all the flowers that she made while at camp.

These are the bracelets that she either made or someone made for her. She had made many more since coming home. We all have one now too.

Her dirty paws.

Her dirty feet. (I have her in the sink so she doesn't get dirt all around the house)

Check out that hair. She had had her hair in braids since Tuesday. 

That night we went to pizza to celebrate her homecoming. 

Emma got a Calzone that was gigantic. 

They had put the order in wrong so it took a while for her to get the correct food. She didn't mind.

After we went to BYU Creamery for some ice cream. Andrew is so happy to have his sister home. They are still fighting like cats and dogs though. 

Girl's Camp

Emma made it home Friday afternoon. She had a great time with a lot of stories to tell. She took some pictures but most of these were taken by the leaders. It looks like she spent a lot of time in and on the water. She learned how to make cute fabric flowers and bracelets out of embroidery floss. I love seeing her in action and am so glad to have these pictures.

On their hike someone got "hurt" and they had to use the skills they learned to help them. 

On their big hike they encountered cows. Cows with babies that blocked their paths. Apparently a frightened baby cow can moo very very loudly!

The canoeing looks like so much fun! I am so thankful she had this opportunity. 

They had a superhero theme and these shields with inspirational sayings were posted around their camp. 

Emma was on the far right. She was right next to Lauren who is my old roommate from the 90's daughter. Isn't that crazy?!? I know when we lived together so long ago that we never could have imaged being in the same ward as adults or that our daughters would be tent-mates at girl's camp. It's a freakishly small world. 

This was home last week.

I have some more pictures from when I got her home. Even though she was dirty and tired she was a sight for sore eyes and I couldn't stop hugging her.