Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seven Peaks!

Each year the kids are given the opportunity to earn a Peak Reader Pass by reading and filling out a sheet for a month. It's good for one full day at Seven Peaks. Last year we didn't use them until sometime in August. I was planning on doing the same this year. I was a super saver and bought tickets at a 50% discount for Paul and I back in March. I was so proud of myself for being frugal! We were set for our day of fun in the sun.

On Monday Maggie called and asked if she could join us whenever we went. I told her sure but we wouldn't be going for quite some time. That is when she informed me that this year they expire on June 25th. I was like "WHAT?!?"

I went and looked at the calendar and found out that was the week that Emma would be at girl's camp. I had one and half weeks to use the passes. I talked to Paul that night and he said that next week wouldn't work for him. Wednesday was suppose to be the last warm day of this week. Wednesday it was! How's that for short notice?

We put the shout out on Facebook for all of our friends to join us and a bunch actually came! It was so nice being there with a group of friends.

First we hit the wave pool.

My glasses were bugging so bad. These are my pool glasses. They are pretty much shot but they are good for such occasions. They are the kind where the arms go straight back and my hat was pushing on the arms making the lens pop up to high. I had the worst pain behind my ears by the time we left. Plus I look like a gomer.

Next Andrew wanted to go on the big slide. Good grief. See his little feet at the top?
He scraped his back pretty good. I'm not sure he went down that one again.
Of course Emma wanted to go too since there was an audience.
She got a pretty good wedgie she said. They're braver than I am.
Back to the wave pool. I didn't do any slides this year. I only went in the lazy river and the pool. The kids told me I was boring.
Just a shot of the slides.
Paul lounging on the tubes.
Time to hit the river again. Here is Maria and her boys. Aren't they the cutest.
I could eat Hunter up! He has the cutest curls in the back of his hair. Yummy!
Irene and Roy came.
Kari, Rees, Kevin and their families were all there too. Andrew had a ton of fun with Parker towards the end of the day and Emma spent a lot of time with Olivia. Even though it was spur of the moment, it ended up being great.

I even made some money LOL! You see after I bought our passes a free pass came in a coupon pack in the mail. Dang it, free beats 50% off. I was smart enough though to bring all my passes just in case. As we were waiting in line I heard a kid say "It costs $27.99 to get it. I only brought a twenty" I said "hey I will sell you my pass for what ever you've got." He was so excited. He gave me the $20 bucks and I gave him the pass. The whole family got in for only $7! How great is that. Of course we had to pay a small fortune for tubes and food but it's still way better than it could have been. I love a bargain.


Heidi said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't wait until my kids are just a bit older so they can sort of have "free reign" at water parks and I can lounge in the wave pool. ;)

CarrieAnn said...

Dang! I wish we could have come, but we got back from Lake Powell the night before and I was in the throws of laundry and putting away all the lake stuff.

Now I've been freezing the last couple of days and wishing that I was back at Lake Powell or that I would have taken Wednesday to play with you all and put off my responsibilities for a day. :(