Monday, June 21, 2010

Emma's First...

Check out this group! They are going to have a great time. (I have to keep telling myself that.)
See, I hated girl's camp. A lot. I only went once and that was one too many times for me. Emma has heard all of my horror stories over the years. (Oops. Note to self, don't talk crap about something you want your child to be excited about trying) She was pretty nervous today. Plus she isn't even in YW's yet so she doesn't have the same relationships with the other girls. But we sent her anyway. She has to try it once.

She was anxious to get her stuff loaded. I hope she can find it all. Some went here and some went there.

Then it was time to wait some more. (Which left more time to get even more nervous)
Rees to the rescue! She came and started getting Emma a little excited.
The Beth came. She is the sweetest, most wonderful, loving, kind person ever. I am sure these hugs helped her feel better. Both Rees and Beth promised to hug her whenever needed. (Yes I am tearing up right now!)
It was time to load up and and say goodbye.
I think it's a good sign that at this point she was like "Mooooom!" She was ready to go.
She squeezed in with her friends. I guarantee there will be no shortage of chit chat on the drive with this group!
I know Rees and all the ladies will take wonderful care of my baby.
I came home and asked Andrew if he was ready for lunch. He said no, all he wanted was Emma. Then he started to cry. Then I started to cry. I told him to think about how important she is to him, maybe even write her a letter telling her, then he needs to treat her like she is that important when she gets home. I think that might last about 5 minutes before he starts teasing her or hugging her too much. Then she will yell and scream at him and then I will say something insensitive like "do you want me to take you back to the mountains?" I can't wait. Our home will seem very empty this week.


rlg said...

It's hard to believe Emma is going to girls camp. Time really does go by quickly. Can't believe she's just about YW age. Where did our baby girl go? She is such a dear. I'm sure Emma will do just fine and hopefully she'll enjoy camp and want to go again next year.

Qwendykay said...

Dude.. I hated girls camp. I'm right there with you. Yay for Emma going.. here's hoping it's 100 times better for her.

Heidi said...

I *loved* girls camp except for third year when crazy drill sergeant lady was in charge. I bet she is having a blast!