Friday, June 18, 2010

Strawberry Days~The Rodeo

We were suppose to go Wednesday night but as I mentioned the weather was terrible. Going on Thursday presented a couple of problems. It was more expensive and it was during the final game of the NBA playoffs. Paul really didn't want to do to the rodeo but going during the game? Forget it! But, he didn't want to have to listen to me complain about taking the kids alone either. We decided we would all go and leave early. A compromise I guess. We parked so far away it wasn't even funny, or necessary, but it did provide this photo op.
We circled the entire grounds, after walking forever, to find a decent seat.
This was an issue because I was wearing these. If anyone tells you cowboy boots are comfy they are lying! Maybe it's because these aren't real cowboy boots. They're Steve Madden boots and I think this was only the second time I have ever worn them. Paul always teases me for buying them so it was sort of a joke that I put them on but they were totally appropriate for the occasion.
Emma wore her hat that she bought in South Dakota last year.

The evening started with Mutton Busting. Some of those little kids got beat up!
Poor baby.
The kid rocked it. He was like a pro.

Then it was time for the much anticipated Cash Cow. Emma and Andrew are on the right. See them?
It was kids' night so there were a ton of participants.
Out came the cash cows and off went the kids.
Freaking Hilarious! I wish we had brought the video camera. Next year, next year.
Can you see Emma?
Udder (har, har, har) Chaos.
Emma got to the cow's tail where there was a $10 but she tore it trying to get it off. She was still pretty excited.

One of the rodeo queens.
Then the fun began.

We left at 9:00 p.m., before the bull riding. One of these years I will see that. I told them I'm going alone next time so I can stay as long as I want. On the way out we got a picture with the Queens.
We got more strawberries and cream.
and said goodbye to the bulls.
Paul wanted some more pictures of me in my sh!t kickers as he called them.

Since I probably won't wear them again, at least not until the next rodeo, I obliged.

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