Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What we DIDN'T do this past weekend

We didn't see U2 in concert.
Bono had emergency surgery and cancelled the show that we were suppose to go to on June 3rd. The show has been postponed until NEXT year. Seeing U2 in concert is something both Paul and I have wanted to do for a very long time. We got the tickets as birthday gifts for each other since the concert was smack right between our birthdays. We were disappointed. We're hoping Bono has a speedy recovery and feels well soon.

We also did not go to Vegas like we thought we were going to.
We were suppose leave the morning after the concert but it didn't happen. I don't like canceling trips and this is the second one this year. (Moab being the first)

A while back we got a letter in the mail from Wynn Encore.
It was a killer deal. We were going to get an upgraded king suite for three nights with a strip view and the best seats in the house show tickets to Le Rev for $299. (we checked prices after we booked and it was about a $2000 value!) I've been wanting to go to Vegas for a while, mostly to see Phantom, but just because we haven't been for a few years. I guess it wasn't meant to be, at least not this weekend.

Things happened; we started thinking about how much everything was going to cost (with gas, shopping, food, show tickets it could have easily been a $1000 weekend), Andrew had basketball camp through Saturday (my mom was going to have to zig and zag from Kaysville for various reasons. She was willing but we felt bad about it), I was on my period (ick), it was going to be the hottest it had been all year (108 was forecasted and Paul melts easily) but mostly it just didn't feel right.

To say that the decision to cancel was last minute is an understatement. We called just to see if it was even possible, we were out of the 48 hour cancellation window, and due to high demands last weekend they let us out of the reservation with no penalties. You know, sort of like it was meant to be.

I was fine on Friday with the kids running around and all, but on Saturday, after the kids went to grandma and grandpa's I started feeling sorry for myself and started to wish we had just thrown caution to the wind and gone. I was thinking "I could be shopping at H&M, I could be looking at the glittery lights on the strip, I could be watching a great show." Sometimes it sucks making the right choice.

We had a quiet and relaxing weekend which was nice. We went out to Red Iguana in Salt Lake, Drove to Park City and shopped at the outlets, went to Leatherby's, slept in and skipped church and had lunch together yesterday and Rubio's for dinner last night.

The offer is still good at Encore and I am hoping we can take advantage of it a little later in the year but I won't hold my breath.


Heidi said...

Bummer about the concert they are really fun to see live! :( I hope you can take advantage of Vegas soon! :)

dawneradg said...

We were supposed to go to the concert as well. Totally bummed it was cancelled. Although my sister in law went down to Vegas this weekend. She left Friday and said she got stuck on the highway because of some major accident for HOURS. So it may have been good you didn't go (heaven knows there you can only stare at sage brush and cactus for so long before boredom kicks in).
Amber (lippyMans)