Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All Stars Hoop Camp

Each year we get the fliers for this camp that is put on by the high school basketball coach. Each year we ignore it. See, we aren't a big sports family. We are spectators but not so much players. This year Andrew really wanted to go. I think it was for the free shirt and basketball. He says it's because he loves the game. We decided it would be good for him so we signed him up after making him promise he wouldn't ask to quit.

They worked these boys for two hours each morning. Andrew would come home very tired but said he was having fun.

On the last day they had playoffs. Andrew's team, the Cavaliers, made it to the semi-finals where they got beat by the Celtics.

He learned some new skills and overall had a good time. I learned some things too. He's soft. He doesn't have that killer instinct, that competitive edge that I saw in a lot of the other boys. I'm totally fine with that, maybe even relieved. It was interesting to watch. If he got the ball he passed it. Other boys on the team wouldn't pass the ball if their lives depended on it even when they should have. I hope that someday he finds something that he loves to do but I don't think we will ever be the sporty family that goes to watch our kids compete. We just don't have that drive.

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rlg said...

Andrew looks so cute. As he gets older he may get that killer instinct when he plays sports,but if not, nothing is nicer than a sweet boy. No matter what he is a great kid!