Friday, June 18, 2010

Strawberry Days~The Children's "Parade"

Wednesday was the children's parade. It was also the day that high winds and rain were forecasted. It rained last year. Surely it couldn't rain again...

It didn't but there were wind gusts like you wouldn't believe and the temperatures dropped 20 degrees from where they were in the afternoon.

Some people make "floats". This one caught our eye LOL!
This is how we knew where our group was.
We all gather near the high school before walking the parade route.
It's the Emma's!
Andrew was damned and determined to skateboard. I tried to talk him out of it but my fatal error was not feeding him before we left. He was irrational. It was the only way he would go. I told him that there was no way I was going to carry it for him. He said "FINE!"

They were so pissed at me for "making them do the parade" They were cold, hungry and had crap in their eyes from all the wind. I wanted them to walk in the parade so they could get the stamp for a free entry to the rodeo and for the Taco Amigo freebie. We used the Taco Amigo coupons that night but the weather was too bad for us to go to the rodeo.

The road that we went down we steep enough that I had to hold on to Andrew or he would roll away. I told him that he now has bragging rights. He has skateboarded down the middle of one of the main roads in our town.

All I heard the whole way was "this sucks!" "Why did you make us do this" "this sucks" "can't we leave?" "this sucks" "I'm cold" "this sucks!" for about 35 minutes. I was ready to beat someone. I about lost it at the end of the route. The kids could tell I had had enough at that point. Andrew took off and stayed quiet the rest of the time. He's lucky.
Here is another "float" LOL!
At least they faked it for one picture.
I don't know if we will ever do the parade again.

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