Sunday, June 27, 2010

Emma's Home!!!

This is how she was returned to me. I little rough around the edges! (The good news is she didn't stink.) These are all the flowers that she made while at camp.

These are the bracelets that she either made or someone made for her. She had made many more since coming home. We all have one now too.

Her dirty paws.

Her dirty feet. (I have her in the sink so she doesn't get dirt all around the house)

Check out that hair. She had had her hair in braids since Tuesday. 

That night we went to pizza to celebrate her homecoming. 

Emma got a Calzone that was gigantic. 

They had put the order in wrong so it took a while for her to get the correct food. She didn't mind.

After we went to BYU Creamery for some ice cream. Andrew is so happy to have his sister home. They are still fighting like cats and dogs though. 

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rlg said...

Love your new cover picture! Wonderful pictures of Emma. So glad she loved camp.