Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a Wonderful World!

We are really lucky to live so close to so many cool things. I mean we have a waterfall practically in our back yard.

Tuesday night was suppose to be an enrichment meeting but there were many conflicts so it was postponed. The board planned a hike and picnic for Tuesday morning. I woke the kids up at 9:00 am (they weren't thrilled but they have been spending way too much time on the computers, they needed to get out) and off we went.

There was a pretty good sized group with a lot of kids. The weather was so nice. It was just gorgeous up there. Once you get to this point the trail narrows and you can hear and see the water.
Once you get high enough you can see the valley below.
We made it!
Here is our waterfall.
This was Emma's first time. She was so excited to finally see it.
I think this puts into perspective how high it is. When the wind blows it sends the perfect mist over you.
Getting down is always so much faster.

It was a great morning in the mountains.

Just to put into perspective we live below the G. The two little canyons are on the sides of us and that is where we have been playing this week.
Today we headed to another of our favorite places. The spillway/overflow/reservoir where the snow melt comes right down from the mountains. I had told Maggie how much fun we have up there but today was the first time she tried it for herself. She called and said "this is great up here! It's like a little boys dream come true." I said "we're on our way"

Emma can tell you, this water is COLD!
Kyle didn't mind one bit.
He wanted to walk across the dam so Emma helped him. See Max and Andrew in the background?
Emma was going to remove some of the dam and move it to another area. We talked her out of it.
Meanwhile, Kyle was still plashing around in the ice water.
Right before we left we noticed a paraglider taking advantage of the amazingly gorgeous day. We are pretty lucky to live where we live.

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