Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday the kids had a Primary Carnival. After going to Girl's Camp Emma thought she was too grown up to attend a primary event. I told her she could go to it or be in the primary program. She decided to go. They had a blow up house, a dunk tank and face painting. I'm sure there were other things too but I wasn't there and those were the only things I was told about. Andrew got dunked many times, that is why is spider is smudged.

We tried something new for dinner. Navajo Taco's. Emma had them at camp and raved about them. Hers had chili though. We will have to try that too. It isn't a new recipe since it's just like tacos only on a different "surface" but it is something new we could add into our rotation. When I was telling Paul about it and he heard scone he said "how can that be bad?" I don't think it can be. We all liked it but Andrew and I prefer regular (well regular to us and more tostada like to others) tacos. 

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