Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kia Soul

I think these cars are so cute and the marketing for Kia is pure genius! Who doesn't love a giant sock monkey? Each time we go into American Fork we drive by the dealership and I say something about how cute they are, how much I want one or something like "Ooh, isn't that green pretty?" Today Paul and I decided to take one for a little drive.
I love the Alien Green but the Titanium is probably a better choice. The interior of the green one has super cute houndstooth seats and a pretty two toned dash. The titanium colored one was a "sport" edition with red accents throughout the interior. The dash was all red. I couldn't deal with that. Red makes me anxious, it isn't soothing.
Andrew wants the sock monkey cut-out so bad. Look, he fits right in!

We test drove the car in a total downpour. We didn't get to go very fast due to traffic, heavy rain and an accident but it was enough to know that it would be really hard to go back to 4 cylinders. It was lacking in power but had a lot of room inside for as small as it is and it was loaded with character. I loved it and would be happy to drive one. Paul isn't ready to give up his little sports car just yet. For now I just will have to admire them as I drive by them all lined up at the dealership.

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Jandi said...

What the heck is that thing with the hat???