Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Dec. 19th

Since we weren't home Saturday or Sunday morning I didn't have a chance to make a clue card. The kids asked me to just tell them a clue in the car on the way home from Salt Lake City. I told them we would re-visit Christmas past. It took a minute but they guessed that we would watch a Christmas Carol. We bought it when it came out and planned to watch it together last night.

Mid-day we realized that Sunday was the three hour Survivor finale. There is no way we could watch that and the movie. We had to improvise. I decided to try out our rosette iron that has been sitting on a shelf in our garage for years. Literally years. I don't know if I had ever used it before as an adult but I remember my mom trying to make them when I was younger. I thought I liked them but wasn't sure of a recipe or anything. Luckily the box still had a recipe card in it.

We started Survivor and when we ran out of fast forward time we went upstairs, made cocoa and rosettes. Once we read the directions and did it right it worked like a charm. (If you don't pre-heat/grease the iron they stick sooo bad!)

They were sooo sooo sooo good. I love fried food and I love powdered sugar. These were a little bit of heaven on earth. After we fried up a batch and got our cocoa in our mugs we headed downstairs and watched the rest of Survivor. I am happy with who won. It was a good night.  

Can you see the sugar falling down?

Marius kept our spots warm while we were on the ground pigging out. 

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rlg said...

More fun family memories. You are a true blessing to your family.