Thursday, December 30, 2010

Arrrrr! Back to Pirate Island We Go

It's hard to get new, exciting pictures when you go to the same place twice in a month, so I didn't. 

Paul and I both bought coupons when they were offering them on Screamin' Daily Deals. We decided to use the second one yesterday. It was a little hairy getting to Orem. It was one of the worst travel days we've had this winter. The roads were totally snow covered and slushy but we made it. 
Since the last time we were there they totally changed the menu so we just got pizza. It was really good. 

I didn't think they had dessert anymore (It wasn't listed on the new menu's) but alas they did. 

Don't I look happy? My plan is to overdose on sugar during this winter break so when the kids go back to school I will be so sick of sugar I'll be able to quit cold turkey. Think it will work? Me either. 

Our service was terrible this time. We were in the very farthest corner and this place is huge. (It used to be a movie theater) It seemed to take forever for us to get anything. A soda had been spilled on, around and under the table so everything was sticky and the poor girl who waiting on us had body odor so badly it would smell up the entire area each time she came near us. I could literally smell her coming. It made it so Andrew and I could barely eat. It took her a long time to get our to go boxes and our bill. The kids were about to jump out of their skin so we let them go to the arcade without us. They had spent almost all of their tokens by the time we got to them. Oh well, what can you do?  While we were stuck at the table Emma hit the bonus on one game and won over 300 tickets.

After that the winnings were slim.

It's hard work carrying around a stack like this.

In no time the kids were counting their tickets and cashing them in for prizes.

We weren't there long but we still had fun. I really do love this place even though this trip was a little less than perfect. When we came out the snow had stopped making the drive home a little less scary. Around 4:00 pm the snow started again and didn't stop for quite a while. As I said on Facebook, if I never saw snow again I would totally be okay. 

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