Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dec. 11th & Dec. 12th

Yesterday morning we went to our churches Christmas breakfast. It was so fun and I took around one million pictures so that will be another post. We kept things very quiet this weekend. Last night we watched Elf. We all laughed out-loud. I think Will Ferrell was so amazing in that roll. It was really nice.

Can you believe Emma figured this out? She guessed we were going to drive and look at lights. She hadn't even seen this card. I just told her that we were going to spend a lot of time together. It doesn't seem like there are as many light displays this year. Have you noticed that? Anyway it was fine, we saw some pretty houses. One of these days I would love to have a house we can decorate in a way that people will want to drive by it. It's too dangerous to hang lights in a lot of places on our house. The windows are over the steep driveway making them impossible to get to so we usually don't do much of anything at all. One of these days.

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linda said...

I love the movie Elf. Have a wonderful Monday my friend.