Sunday, December 26, 2010

Last week is a blur...

I am exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for a week.

Last Tuesday, as I mentioned, brought snow. A lot of snow. We decided to stay in, bake our own treats and watch a Christmas Carol. I guess we will save going out for treats for next year!

Paul took some pictures of us while we were watching the movie. My thoughts are, the kids were tired of pictures at this point. 

 On Wednesday we all slept in and had a slow and lazy morning.

The kids guessed the clue right away. We thought the movie started at 3:00 pm but it was really 4:00 pm. 
We went over to the mall to kill an hour. Note to self, don't take kids to the mall just days before Christmas. They saw a bunch of stuff they liked but of course we were done with our shopping. It was crowded, loud and we saw vomit on the floor. I wanted to go home and gargle bleach. I was really worried we were going to catch something. We got to the theater, got the top row middle which I like and watched the movie. It was really cute!

May I have one of these for my house? I can't wait to see this movie. Captain Jack = Yum. 

Wednesday night we told the kids that they needed to know their clue early so they could get ready. They were going to grandma's house and needed to pack. It worked out really well. We got ready Thursday morning and met my parents in Sandy to drop off the kids. After the drop off we frantically went looking for slippers for Andrew. Somehow we had forgotten to get some. We found a clearance pair at Old Navy will skulls on them! Score. After that we headed to Tucano's for a birthday lunch. It was Paul's oldest sisters birthday. It was nice to go and see family and to eat yummy food. After lunch I got to take some pictures of Tom, Katie and my niece Mia. This trip was my first time meeting her. She is so cute!

That night Paul and I took advantage of the kids being gone. We worked for hours wrapping presents. It was so nice. Normally we have to do it all Christmas Eve. We wrapped and watched Christmas movies. Marius was there to cheer us on in his pile of blankets. 

The whole room was a disaster. There were presents, boxes, wrapping paper and garbage everywhere you looked but we got it all done. This was a first! We were finally ready for Christmas.

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rlg said...

Glad the kids got to go to grandmas and grandpas.They were so much fun and had a good time skating around the house. So good to have them. Glad it helped you out.