Friday, December 3, 2010

Dec. 2nd & Dec. 3rd

Last night the kids and I watched Merry Madagascar (cute!) and Kung Fu Panda Holiday special (lame!) while Paul was doing a presentation for his Humanities class. (He scored 50 out of 50 on it. Good job honey.)  When the kids read the clue yesterday morning they both thought they were getting new pajamas. Oops. I told them they could get their PJ's now but then they wouldn't get any on Christmas Eve. They didn't like that idea so they wore some they already had. I then broke the news to them that this wasn't a 24 days of Christmas where they get gifts, it was just fun activities. 

This was the clue they got this morning. We decided to take them for a game of laser tag. We have passes and they had been asking for a while now so we figured this would be something fun to do. They both guessed it right away. 

Paul took the day off so we could have some time to do some Christmas stuff without the kids. We started out the day the best way possible. These donuts are simply the best in the world. 

Oh baby, baby. 
(The girls gave us 14 instead of the regular 12 and yes that is a bag of donut holes up there on the dash. I seriously wanted to kiss her on the mouth.)

We got to shop in Park City, eat lunch in Salt Lake City at Red Iguana and then come home for the kids. It was sort of a bust of a shopping day but I always love spending time with Paul. 

I didn't want to take my big camera in with us while we played laser tag so this is the only picture I got.  We had never been to this place before. It is under MAJOR construction. Once it is done it is going to be pretty amazing but right now it's nuts. We had to kill some time before we could play so we let the kids loose in the arcade for about 20 minutes. (We totally weren't planning on letting them do the arcade. It screws up what we had planned for tomorrow) 

We told them it was Andrew's reward for getting straight A's. (Report cards came out today for the grade school. The other good news is that Andrew is just about ready to graduate from speech. We just need to have one final test and sign some papers and we're done! I'm so proud of him.) I could have taken my camera in and still had time to put it back in the car but I didn't. We had a lot of fun but the game only lasted 8 minutes and it would have been close to an hour before we could play again. After we were done we left and promised the kids we would come back.  

I'm still not sure what activity we are doing tomorrow. Originally we were going to take them to Pirate Island since we bought some online discount deal that we need to use. Since they were at an arcade today that doesn't seem like a good idea anymore. We bought a gingerbread house kit at Costco that I thought we could do but we were suppose to make cookies on Sunday. Decorating a gingerbread house and baking cookies are different right? You can eat the cookies...

It's still up in the air. Paul and I will get everything figured out once the kids are in bed. 

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rlg said...

Yeah for Andrew! I too am proud of him. He really has improved. Yummy, yummy looking donuts. Nothing better than fresh donuts!!!