Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ice Ice Baby!

Lately we've had a lot of fog at night. Last night it was much colder than it has been. When I woke up I was treated to a wonderful surprise. Ice. I went up to an old horse pasture that is vacant behind our house (there was more ice up there) and tromped around in my pajamas and slippers. I totally drove a neighbor's dog nuts while I was up there but I didn't care. It was too beautiful to let a yappy dog keep me away.

Brrrr. Doesn't that look cold? 


rlg said...

Cold but very beautiful. It is wonderful that you enjoy the beauty of this world. You always see it even if it is tiny.

Debbie said...

Wonderful pictures. I especially love the last one!

CarrieAnn said...

What amazing pictures! I would love to have your camera and your photography talent. :)