Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday Dec. 21st & The First Day of Winter

Yesterday was the first day of winter break!!! Wahoooooo. 

Sunday night it snowed. It was just enough to cover the grass and there was some in the trees but the roads were clear. It was perfect for the week of Christmas. It started to snow a little heavier so I headed out to the grocery store and left the kids behind. They slept in until 10:30! As I got into the valley the snow wasn't bad at all, it wasn't even sticking. I got home safely thank goodness. After lunch the kids decided to go out and play. They built a fort out of giant snowballs. As you can see we didn't get up all of our leaves before the snow started coming. They are too wet to deal with at this point. It should be interesting this spring.

The kids did an amazing job. I don't know how they lifted those balls. That snow was HEAVY!

They came in and the rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning, watching TV, playing video games and Andrew had a friend come over. 

While all that was going on I was mixing up one batch of cookie dough after the other. I made chocolate chip, chocolate mint, Mexican wedding cookies, Candy Cane Kisses cookies (click here to see recipe) and another cookie that you wrap around a chocolate kiss then roll in red sugar. I love making cookie plates and thought this year we could try to doorbell ditch them so it would be more fun for the kids. With all the snow I quickly nixed that idea. (Note: If you live in a high altitude area you may want to cut the butter back or add more flour. Mine didn't stay cute like hers did. The other thing is I used a food processor for the kisses and I think it made them too fine. That may have caused them to flatten too. I only used 1/2 teas. of peppermint flavor and for me it was just right! They were delicious just not as cute as hers.) 

When Paul got home I was in the kitchen playing with cookie dough. He asked why I was smiling. I told him I was happy to see him. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. I was guessing it was our neighbor coming for his brother. It wasn't. It was a floral delivery person. Paul had ordered me this ivy topiary. He had hoped it would come earlier (He thought maybe it had and that as why I had been smiling. He thought I was hiding it from him.) but it was fun to have him be there to give it to me. It made me tear up. It was so sweet. He wanted to thank me for all the hard work I have done to make the season special. It's so cute! 

After dinner I was losing steam. Emma was not feeling 100%. I think she got too cold and over did it when she was outside earlier. I baked a few trays of cookies but almost didn't go any further. They were coming out flat (I hate that!) and I didn't have enough to fill the big plates I had, etc etc. I was trying to find any excuse I could to not bake more. Finally I said what the heck and did it anyway. They were not the cutest plates I've ever made (They were in ziplock bags for crying out loud. Normally I put them in cellophane with ribbon, at least) but we got them done. 

I let Emma pick who she wanted to take some to and she chose her Beehive advisor. Andrew chose our next door neighbors and I took some to two of the sisters I visit teach in our ward. (Mormon thing) 

I'm so glad we went. Who knows where the treats will end up but we all had fun driving in the snow surprising our friends and neighbors. It gave me warm fuzzies. I know the kids felt it too. 

At around 4:00 am I woke up to find Andrew sleeping in the doorway to my room. It was almost as bright as day. I thought it was morning but I guess it was just the moon reflecting off the snow. When I checked the time I realized we had to power. In a half awake state I fumbled around, located my phone and figured out the time. I started to worry. My brain was going a mile a minute. How cold would we get in the house. Would we all die in our sleep? Should I put the stuff in the fridge out in the snow? What about the stuff in my freezer? Not exactly rational thoughts but that is how I work when I am semi-conscious. I woke up again this time it was morning. Still no power. I looked outside and saw A LOT of snow. The power came on a few minutes later after being off for five hours! I am so glad we have the new windows and doors. It didn't get any colder than what we normally set the overnight house temp at. 

I woke Paul up and we started to shovel the driveway and dig out his car. It was the heaviest, wettest snow I have ever felt. I could barely move it but we got it done. Welcome winter. 

(looking down our steep, steep driveway) 

Tonight we were suppose to go out for a treat at a bakery or get a peppermint shake or something. The snow isn't stopping and it isn't suppose to stop for days so that may not happen. I hate to drive if the temperatures drop and everything freezes. If we can't get around safely we will stay in a watch the Christmas Carol like were suppose to Sunday.   


linda said...

I love the pictures of all your cookies that you baked. I also love the IVY that Paul sent you, it is so pretty.. Could you box up some of that snow and send it my way?? The mountains are going to get your storm, however we are in for a dry Christmas..

rlg said...

What a wonderful little family you guys are. You lead the way building all the happy family memories. You are a wonderful mother with beautiful sweet children and a very caring husband.