Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Ward Christmas Breakfast

Can I just say our ward's activity committee rocked! Once again they threw one heck of a party. The theme was Whoville. We were suppose to dress Who-like, bring gingerbread houses that were Who-ish and eat Who-food. Look at those pancakes. They were neon pink, purple and green. There were also breakfast casseroles and fruit.

Jenna's dad is now our bishop. Here they are in their best Who attire. 

Emma and Jenna being Who-ey

We went Grinchy. 

Look at this crowd!!! We had a great turn-out.

Then we had a special visitor. Naturally he was drawn to our family. (Note to self: Avoid wearing a mans t-shirt over a thermal. It's not flattering.)

Max even came.

Here is a picture of Beth with her family. They looked simply amazing. They were part of the committee that threw this party. 

This is one party I will never forget. 

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