Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 4th ~ The Gingerbread House

So Emma guessed the clue again. Paul was impressed since he didn't think it was a very good clue at all. I was worried about Andrew's attitude though so I added that disclaimer. Sometimes when things don't go just right he get frustrated. Guess what? As it turns out it was my attitude that needed adjusting. 

Here is the kit Paul and I bought at Costco. We both worked out butts off today. Seriously it was non-stop work. He was in the yard raking, blowing and bagging leaves and I was inside decorating and cleaning. (And it still looks messy. I hate that!) I was so tired and grumpy tonight I wanted to just skip the activity all together but knew I couldn't do that. If I did it once the whole thing would go down the toilet.

Emma had asked that we do a gingerbread house this year. This is the type of activity that I normally try to avoid. I don't do well with tedious tasks that have a lot of room for error. This kit seemed doable though.

Looks can be deceiving. 

The frosting didn't want to stick. Getting the windows outlines was a ginormous pain in the butt but we made the best of it. We just covered them in a bunch of candy.

Both kids worked hard and they got along!

Andrew can't wait to eat the snowman.

It's far from perfect but I think it ended up being fun for all of us. I even think it's sort-of cute!  


Gennifer said...

It looks great Mignonne, but it's actually a lot easier to do a gingerbread house that isn't pre-built. You get to work on a flat surface. :)

linda said...

Very cute gingerbread house.. We are making our train today, and my big fear is that the boys will fight over who gets to do what and that we will run out of icing

rlg said...

It looks adorable and very yummy!