Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 8th ~ Pirate Island

Last night we went to Pirate Island and had a really good time. However we didn't actually see a skeleton in a pirate hat. Much to my disappointment they didn't decorate one stitch for Christmas. I guess themed restaurants/arcades feel like they have already decorated enough. This clue really threw the kids. It took them forever to figure out where we were going. Andrew even guessed at one point that we were taking them to Rome. LOL! (We had shown him a picture on my friend Rachelle's blog of Capuchin Cemetery with a lot of skulls.) Finally Andrew was the one to get it after asking a lot of questions.

I can't tell you how much I love cheesy themed restaurant. Even though we don't like Rainforrest Cafe we go whenever we are near because it's so cheesy and fun. I also like the Mayan in Utah for the same reason. What can I say, I'm a dork. 

I have been way into all the online deals that are out there lately. Paul and I both bought a Pirate Island deal from Screamin' Daily Deals. I plan to use mine to take the kids back while they are on Christmas break. We got a certificate for $40 worth of food and $20 worth of tokens for the arcade. It worked out just about perfectly to where we didn't have to pay much out of pocket last night. City Deals is another one that I have been using a lot.  I have gotten a lot of local food certificates for cheap. I swear I am getting so frugal in my old age. I hardly ever pay full price for anything anymore. I love it! 

Here's our booty.

We got to eat in the bayou part of the restaurant. We sat under a tree with moss and "fireflies". 
This time we didn't order a family pizza, but I think we will next time. Andrew got sliders and loved them. Emma got pizza and loved it.

I was brave and tried tilapia. It was fine but I didn't love it. I am totally proud of myself for ordering it though. Paul got a steak. He said it was okay. The potatoes were good, veggies not so much.

We took turns getting our picture with a pirate and some of his loot.

And then, since we had to spend $40 on food I stepped up to the plate and ordered cheesecake. Then it was time to play. 

The arcade is like legalized gambling for kids. Emma kept shoveling tokens into machines hoping to hit the jackpot. When she ran out she came to me with a look of desperation and asked, "can't I just have some more? I'm so close to winning." That's when we knew it was time to go. We had had our fun and we would be back. 

Gosh I love this place LOL! 

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rlg said...

Lucky, lucky, children to have you for a mom. They are lucky to have Paul too, but I know you are the one that plans everything. Once again, great fun pictures.