Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec. 10th was amazing...eventually

We made it to Riverwoods Friday night. We got there right around 5:30 pm, the perfect time. (Santa arrives at 5:00 and sleigh rides start at 6:00) We could see Santa, drink hot chocolate and be the first one on the sleigh. It was crisp and cool. The lights were beautiful. There was hardly anyone there. Everything seemed perfect until I realized I forgot my memory card. Doh!!! 

It's at least a 20 minute drive to get to this shopping center from our house. I felt sick! There was no photographer at all for Santa. There was no point in staying, we had gone to get our annual Santa picture. We stopped for Mexican food at Mama Chu's on our way home. (For anyone who is wondering, they changed their chips back to good chips. I was so excited!) After some time we decided to go home and get the card rather than trying to get everyone ready again another time. So, we got in the car drove home, got my card and then turned around and drove back. We spent a lot of time in the car that night but it was worth it in the end. (At least I think so)

Andrew acted like her was SO excited to see Santa. It was almost like he wanted to believe again. 

Emma on the other hand was not excited. She was afraid someone might see her and she is way too old for this kind of stuff. I let her know that as long as she lives in my house she will get a Santa picture LOL! 

Dang it Paul, crouch. 

I loved the decorations they had around.

After Santa we got in line for the "sleigh ride" which was really a carriage ride. They had two carriages so the line moved quickly. I thought it was so fun but I felt sorry for the horses. I hate seeing them all sweaty and working so hard. 

The horses were so sweet. They loved us petting their faces. After the carriage ride we walked around, enjoyed the lights, listened to the Victorian Carolers and took pictures.

The Riverwoods has a toy store named Blickenstaffs that was like Mister Magorium's Wonder Emporium. There was so much activity in there it was like we were on a movie set or something. Kids were riding toys around the store, trains were circling overhead and there we gorgeous displays at every turn. I think the kids wanted one of everything. Paul and I will have to go back before Christmas for stocking stuffers. I didn't know if we were allowed to take pictures (even though I saw a ton of people doing so) so this is the only picture I took. Creepy cool.

They had fires all around so you could warm up.

I loved all the photo ops. 

We had a great time and everything was FREE! If you can get down there check it out. It was great. 


Debbie said...

Mignonne, your pictures came out incredible, really!

What settings did you use on your camera? I have a hard time getting pictures to come out good in low light. Do you have an SLR? Maybe that's what I need.
Also, did you just ask people to take your pictures, or do you bring a tripod?

Thanks, Debbie

rlg said...

You guys are so beautiful. I love all the fun things you do for your family and I just love the pictures. You should be a professional! Looks like all of you had a very nice time.