Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Disneyland Day 3

On Friday October 21st we decided to get to the park a little late since we were going to be staying until midnight. We went to On The Border for lunch then went back to the room for a little while. 

When we were finally ready we went to California Adventure and checked out the new Little Mermaid ride. It was the perfect ride after a large heavy lunch. The ride was cute especially for someone that loves the movie. The kids and I went on the Tower of Terror while Paul waited outside.

We finally got in touch with Jenna's family. They wanted to meet back at the Tower of Terror. I was down with that. Once we got there we found out they had two extra fast passes. I sacrificed and let the kids go. I was sad that I wasn't able to ride again but happy the kids got a chance to ride with their friend.  

Andrew and Jenna's dad (our bishop) being "terrified" of the ride.

Of course we had to soar over California. 

After that we went back to the room and got ready for Mickey's Halloween Party. I was so excited about this party. I'd wanted to go for years. It was the perfect Halloween party. There were really fun additional decorations, characters in costume, awesome awesome music and spooky fog on the river.  The whole night was amazing. We got to trick-or-treat around the park. We gathered 17 pounds of candy between the four of us! 

I loved all the Halloween touches that were literally everywhere.

Andrew found a grown up version of himself.

This tree was my favorite. These pictures don't even come close to doing it justice. It was amazing! 

We got to wander all through the park with very few crowds. It was so nice. I was able to get some really fun pictures of the kids.

After riding a bunch rides we went back to trick-or-treating for more candy. These are the stands we were looking for. They meant CANDY!

Disneyland really knows how to go all out for a holiday.

We watched the second parade (unfortunately missing Jenna's family that was featured in the first parade) It was great fun seeing all the character, costumes and cuteness.

This is one very scary bear. Eek! 

We left reluctantly after 11:00 pm. I had such a good time I could have stayed all the way until midnight. It was hard to call it a night. 

This was the first time I had gotten to trick-or-treat in like a million years. It was so fun. Look at the candy I came away with! Notice all the apple crisps? Those were my favorite. They were considered one of the healthy snacks so the cast members got pretty excited when they found out someone wanted one. They loaded me up. 

I was so glad I spent the extra money to go to this party. I would totally do it again. If you have the chance make sure you go to Mickey's Halloween party! 

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rlg said...

Love,love the fun Halloween pictures of the park, kids, and you. You sure know how to have an awesome great time! Great pictures as always.