Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Young Women is Excellence

Photo Courtesy of Michelle C. 

Last Wednesday Paul and I had the honor of attending Young Women in Excellence. The theme was Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful. The night was suppose to be like a pageant. It was sort of cheesy but then again most Young Women things are. They had a great message and that's what counts.

There were eight YW dressed up in prom dresses that matched the value colors. When introduced, each of the girls were asked, "How did your value help you to find your inner beauty?" The girls had some funny, and some serious answers. You could tell they were having fun with it. Afterwards, each value girl presented each YW who had finished their project with a mirror that had the little cards I had made saying Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful on it.

Emma is really good about doing what needs to be done in most areas. (school work, homework, house work etc.) Her one nemesis is piano. She HATES piano. I get it. I hated it too but now I wish I had worked harder but i am grateful for the skills I do have. I have told her that she can quit when she can play the primary songs and the hymns. She still doesn't practice, she still complains and she still feels tortured.

Emma's piano teacher is in the Young Women presidency. Holly gave Emma a BIG challenge. She told her that she wanted her to finish all of Individual Worth, that included the six value experiences and the 10 hour value project, in time for the Young Women in Excellence. She said that learning her Christmas song would count as her value project. (that meant practicing it for at least 10 hours) She had less than two weeks to complete everything.

Emma took the challenge. She practiced at least 45 minutes a day. It was amazing how quickly she learned her song that she had said was "way too hard!" She honestly thought she could never learn it but she did. Wow who would have thought, practicing works!

I could see how relieved and happy she was when she completed her goal. She was able to go to the church that night and was recognized as completing that area of her personal progress. She was quite proud of herself as well she should be.

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rlg said...

She sure does have a right to feel proud and so do you. You are the greatest influence in her life. So proud of you both.