Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Disneyland Day 4

Day four was a Saturday and it was BY FAR the most crowded day. It was pretty much nuts. We spent most of the day trading pins since the lines for the rides were so long. We saw characters but didn't wait to visit them. They still warm my heart. The characters are THE reason I love Disneyland. 

Before we left Picky Palate had started reviewing Disneyland restaurants. Awesome! On her list of places to eat was Carnation Cafe right on Main Street. We were excited to try something new especially since her pictures made everything look sooo good. While we were in line we met these two really nice, super cute, all decked out in Halloween shirts, slightly older ladies who were there for a collectible Mickey dessert cup. They were telling us all about it while we waited. Once we were seated they brought us their desserts! They had only wanted the cups so they gave us the delicious goody that was inside it. So sweet! I loved those ladies.  

You have to do something to kill time. Pictures! 

I got the cheesesteak sandwich with potato salad. It was really good but it made me feel like I was in a greasy food coma. 

Paul got the turkey sandwich on pretzel bread with the loaded baked potato soup. He LOVED it. He actually made me find the soup recipe so I could make it for him when we got home. I will have to post the recipe later. It was soooo soooo fattening I doubt I will make it very often but it was good.

I decided I wanted my own cute Mickey cup so I got another dessert. Wh didn't have any problems eating it even though it was our third dessert! 

After lunch we soaked up Main Street and admired the flower balls hanging in the circle where Walt's statue is. Paul thought they were so cool! 

We really love this whale.

Can you see all the people waiting in line up on Space Mountain? Yep, it was nuts. Luckily I ran and got fast passes while we were waiting for a table at the Carnation Cafe. 

The kids squished pennies and played in the arcade where I drooled all over the glass of all the treat cases in the sweet shoppe next door. 

It's funny, even with all the crowds you could get right into Captain EO. I wonder why? Oh yes, because it BLOWS! It was the most ridiculously 80's, super lame, 3D show evah!

It was finally time to use our Fast Passes. Loved it!

We hurried back to the hotel to see the World of Color from the balcony but we had just missed it. This was about all we saw.

I busted out the Hipsta a few times. Mr. Toad himself.

The mural before you start the wild ride.

Once again the awesome whale. They better not ever take him out. 

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