Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Hot Date on Oct. 27th

A while back Paul was one of the lucky ones to get a free steak coupon from Outback. We meant to take it to California with us but we totally forgot it. It was going to expire on Halloween so we were running out of time.

On the 25th I was at a stake training meeting for my new calling. While I was there our stake president counseled us to date our spouse. He said a lot of wonderful things but that is the one thing I thought really stood out. Since I obviously think it's important to spend quality time with the person you love most, I called my mom and asked her to babysit. President Gleason's words were the push I needed to make a date happen. We needed to have this date. I told her I was just trying to follow counsel from my stake president. ; )We started out with our yummy steak dinner and then we to see the new Footloose.

I really enjoyed the movie. It was entertaining to see what they chose to change from the original and what they kept the same. (I couldn't believe that they kept the old yellow bug and the ugly sport coat from the big school dance scene at the end of the film.) I really liked the little changes in the story line. I thought the actors all did a great job acting and dancing. I seriously got goosebumps during some of the dance numbers. I actually bought myself a Line Dancing 101 DVD because the line dancing in the movie looked like so much fun LOL!

Paul was a good sport. I think there were only three guys in the whole theater but he didn't mind. He's pretty much awesome. I'm so thankful to have him in my life. I can't wait to have more dates with him. Now I have the perfect excuse, "My stake president said I had to!" 


Addison, Crew, and Carter's Mama said...

This was such a great movie!!!

rlg said...

Happy to watch the kids anytime you want a date night with Paul. Glad you had a great time together.