Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Long Drive Home

It was Monday morning. Sadly that meant it was time to go home. We were having a fabulous time and we didn't want it to end. We weren't ready for it to be over yet. Our sweet, emotional Andrew cried. He was out on the balcony waiting for the monorail while the tears flowed. Paul went out to comfort him and of course I went to photograph him. He did not appreciate that. At all. It was hard for all of us. His crying and sadness actually made me tear up. It's hard not knowing when we will be able to do this again. 

All weekend Emma had been wanting (more like begging) to wear one of the hotel robes. I let her know that there were certain perks that came with being an adult. Hotel robes were one of them. They were the reward for packing everyone, entertaining everyone in the car, paying for the trip, etc. etc. They were to be used by Paul and I. The last morning I decided to throw her bone. I let her wear my robe. (After I was done with it of course.) She was pretty pleased. 

 We tried to get Andrew to feel better by letting him wear Paul's but it only made things worse. He was one sad little buddy that morning.

It was time to leave our beautiful hotel.

We were in this gorgeous, lush, sanctuary for days. As we were walking away I know there wasn't one of us that wasn't sad to see say good-bye. 

How hard to you think it would be to steal this sign? I think I could find a place for it somewhere in my home or garage. 

Good-bye bougainvillea. 

Good-bye green grass, flowers and pine trees. 

Good-bye Disneyland Dr.

Hello butt-ugly drive home. We had 10-12 hours in the car, all together, looking at stuff like this. 

Not cool. There is nothing pretty about this.

Nancy this is for you!

We made it back to Primm (see it way off in the distance?) where we stopped for lunch and a little retail therapy. 

We made it back to Utah. Still not pretty. 

We stopped again in St. George for some Costco pizza. I drove from St. George to Fillmore. As I was driving the sun was beginning to set and our car made a shadow that looked like Shrek. I have to admit that was pretty exciting for me. It's the little things folks. 


rlg said...

Love your pictures and comments. Emma looks so cute and Andrew so very,very sad. The shadow did look like Shrek, don't think I would have noticed it if I had been driving though. You make me laugh out loud.

Debbie said...

I love your writing Mignonne; you always make your stories so interesting and funny!