Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Little Halloween Party

Last night we had a little bitty Halloween party for a few of Emma's friends. I'm pretty new to this whole party thing but I think it turned out really well. I wanted to keep it small since our house is small, as is our budget. I was a little concerned that if we invited more people there wouldn't be enough food, enough things to do or enough places for people to be comfortable. End the end we probably could have invited a couple of more girls and been just fine but you never know. Next time...

The girls seemed to have a blast. They were laughing and screaming all night long. That was exactly what I had hoped for. 

I had made halloween cupcakes. It was an orange cake mix swirled with chocolate. Yum! We topped them with a cute little 3-D spider. I'm still working out the whole piping frosting onto cupcakes thing. I need to use my larger tips but I don't have the right attachments, still. I really need to get on that. I totally prefer frosting cupcakes with a bag.

I bought a bunch of Halloween stuff at Wal Mart so the table was cute and festive. I know it's all cheesy but I couldn't not decorate!

I couldn't resist all the little favors either so the girls got goody bags full of glow in the dark bats, glow sticks, bouncy balls and other fun things just like little kids would. They didn't seem to mind or say they were too old. I think this group of girls is perfect for that sort of thing. 

I love Halloween. 

I remember watching this movie when I was a kid and it always freaked me out! I was so excited to find it used on Amazon so I could have the girls watch a scary, yet clean movie. Andrew and I watched it Friday night to make sure it worked and that it was appropriate. It did and it was. It was really cheesy but that's okay. They were going to watch it whether they wanted to or not! 

Emma wasn't going to wear her costume  that I had made since it was optional, but, once she found out Jenna was dressing up she put it on. It didn't stay on long though. Right after these pictures were taken the costume came off.

Here are all the party animals. 

Aren't they cute?

While the pizza cooked I had the girls make these little candy guys that we had made last year.

We had a pumpkin pizza from Papa Murphy's with orange soda.

After a few rounds of the game Werewolf and some cupcakes it was movie time. Can you believe these four little girls went through four bags of popcorn? LOL! I'm so glad I had bought a ton, just in case.

I LOVED listening to them scream. We could hear them all though the house. It made me feel like we had done a good job. The movie had just the right amount of freakiness and suspense that they could be a little scared but hopefully they were still able to sleep. 

After the movie they were psyching each other out and trying to scare each other. They ran up the stairs from the dark basement screaming. They jumped on the couch in a heap, cuddling together to avoid the windows or any mirrors. LOL! Sadly we had to end at 10:00 pm since we had church the next morning. The girls didn't want to stop telling ghost stories. They made them up in the car as I was taking everyone home. 

Who would have thought, at little pizza, a lot popcorn, a silly movie from the 80's and a few great girls was all you need for a night of good clean fun? I hope they had as much fun and Emma and I did. Now I need to start planning a Christmas party. Anyone up for a cookie exchange with a cocoa bar?

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rlg said...

So adorable. What a great group of girls with one lucky and blessed little girl having a great mom willing to do all the preparation! Loads of fun! You are the best ever!