Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We Must be Doing Something Right

Mr. Hadley on Halloween

Our High Councilman at church (a Mormon thing) is also the janitor at Andrew's elementary school. He was called to serve in our ward two years ago. At the time it was interesting to see the kids reaction to Mr. Hadley being in our ward. It took a while before they could get used to calling him Brother Hadley on Sundays. After the initial shock (LOL!) wore off it became a wonderful thing for these kids to see him each Sunday in such a different light.

He is an incredible man and has been the best high councilman ever. He stays for the whole three hour black and has really become part of our ward. There was one Sunday a while back where he spoke and he asked his wife to be his companion speaker. She gave the most amazing talk about body image. She related our bodies to Huffy bikes. I know it sounds funny but it was perfect and I will  never forget her message. I really love and admire this family.

As you know we are big BYU football fans. It just so happens that this year Mr./Brother Hadley's son Preston is a starter for the team.

All season the kids would try to yell at him during warm-ups but he was too focused so they never got his attention. They were dying to meet him so they could tell him how much they love his dad.

We got to church on Sunday, early as usual so we didn't see a program for a while. I finally was able to get the program and to my shock and excitement I see that Brother Hadley is speaking and his companion speaker this time is Preston! I was so excited to share the news with the kids. You should have seen the look on their faces when they read the program. Awesome!

The deacons were all whispering and watching the doorways. You could feel the buzz of excitement throughout the building. Especially amongst the young men. It was like having a celebrity in our midst LOL!

Preston spoke and did a very nice job. The kids listened intently. He is really a great role model and I am glad they have athletes like him to look up to. We sang a rest hymn and then Brother Hadley spoke. They were talking about service and how even the smallest acts can mean the world to someone else. Brother Hadley shared some neat stories about Preston, his mission, his diligence on the field and how he is a such faithful young man. I couldn't help but be thouched watching him express his love for his son.

At some point he started talking about his job. He reminded everyone that he was the janitor at the school and said that there was one young man in the congregation that would hug him and thank him for his hard work almost ever day after lunch. He said he hoped he didn't embarrass him by telling everyone who he was and then he named my son Andrew as that special young man. He said it meant to world to him to have his service acknowledged. He said a few more nice things about Andrew and he also said his parents must be teaching him well for him to notice these small acts of service. Wow. I think our whole family was beaming. It was such a proud moment for all of us.

At times, a lot of times, I worry about Andrew. He can be so lazy and so unwilling to do the simplest things. The little things are such an ordeal for him. It takes everything we have to get him to finish a sheet of math homework. I wonder if we didn't push him every step of the way if he will ever finish school. I wonder if he will be able to keep a job or if he will lose his temper and quit when things get tough. I worry about the paths he will choose. I worry that he is going to have a very hard road ahead of him if he isn't carfeul.

I see his weaknesses but I also know he has many many strengths. He is sweet. He is tender. He is loving. He is wicked smart! He can feel the Spirit so strongly when he allows himself to. My hope as his mother is that we can work on his strengths and cultivate them. I hope that we can help him find his drive and passion and harness if for good. When I hear that others get to witness his sweetness it makes me happy and it makes me think we have a chance.

I am glad that the lessons we are teaching him at home are impacting him and the lives of others. It makes me think that Paul and I must be doing something right.

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rlg said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful message. It is so true about Andrew. He is always the first to notice something new you have on or to tell you how nice you look. He is special and he will be able to go far with your and Paul's guidance. You are a great family. So truly proud of you.