Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunday October 23rd~Our Last Day

I finally caught the monorail as it passed our room. We LOVED seeing the monorail going by.

We got into the park just in time to see this. Needless to say it made me very happy. 

After the car went by the marching band came down Main St. That's when I got to see this 

We took it pretty easy with a ride on the submarine. I love the view of the Matterhorn from the sub platform.

We made our way over to critter country where we waited for our Splash Mountain fast pass to become available. I tried one of the giant peanut butter cookies from the little store by the Pooh ride. The cookie was pretty much amazing. I want to try making a giant undercooked peanut butter cookie at home.

Emma got a chocolate peanut butter cookie. They used semi-sweet chocolate so it was nasty and bitter. 

Finally it was time to ride Splash Mountain. I was ready with my poncho. Oh yes, I wore a poncho and even though I was called a cheater I don't regret it for a minute.

See Andrew? He got drenched. I would have too. I hate getting wet and especially hate walking around it wet clothes. I think I chose wisely.

Yep, I know I did.

We went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner.

Emma got the worlds largest burger. She doesn't want to order off of the kids menu but she isn't even close to being ready for the adult menu.

We rode the monorail back to the park where Paul finally got his ice cream. This is one of his favorite things at Disneyland. I don't think we have ever gone and skipped the ice cream. 

The lighting was bad so I went with black and white. 

I got a scoop in a waffle cup. Delish.

We had fast passes for Indiana Jones but I wasn't feeling it. Emma and I ran back to the Grand California to watch the World of Color instead. We couldn't see the images they project on the water but we got a pretty good idea of what the show would be like. Emma really wants to see it from the park. 

Here are about a million and one pictures of the World of Color from the observation deck at the hotel.

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rlg said...

Disneyland really knows how to do it right. Beautiful pictures of the water/light show. The food looked good but if the ice cream is half as good as it looked; boy it would be to die for. Yummmy!