Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Once upon a time my uncle had a poster in his room of a mountain goat. The poster was captioned with "I'm so far behind I think I'm first." That's how I'm feeling about blogging Halloween. I'm so far behind I've almost forgotten that I haven't done it. I can almost tricked myself into thinking I'm all caught up, or in other words "first" : P 

We had a good Halloween. It took me a long time to get into it but once we started partying at Disneyland I was ready and excited. This year we didn't ever make it to the pumpkin patch or to the canyon for our annual fall family photos. That is a little disappointing to me but there wasn't enough time to do it all and California won. 

Wow these pictures are super out of order but I'm not going to worry about it. 

The kids carved pumpkins (that we had bought at grocery stores just days before) on Sunday night with hardly any help from Paul or I. They are getting so independent. 

Emma made a super cute owl. I had really fun orange and brown feathered eyelashes for her costume but they were missing on Halloween night. We looked and looked but finally had to admit defeat. We weren't even sure we got home with them from our trip. It was really upsetting. For me. Her eyes/face looked rather bare but there wasn't time to go buy more before trick-or-treating. Guess what, I found them this past week. I wonder if she'd do re-takes while they are on Thanksgiving break? 

More carving pictures.

The kids together. I promise I wasn't torturing Andrew.

Look at those delicious seeds.

This is by far my most favorite picture of the night. 

He made a great Mad Hatter.

I was Cleopatra this year. 

We didn't put out all of our decorations this year but my witches made it out. I heart them.

Both kids went trick-or-treating with friends. At first I was at a loss. What do I do if I don't get to go out with the kids? Finally I decided I was going to walk around and visit with some of the neighbors. After a while the kids let me drive them around to some houses at the bottom of our neighborhood. They love going down but hate coming back up! I can't blame them.

It was just Paul and I for a while. 

He said he wanted to cross out lazy and write cheap. Whatever. 

The weather was awesome! It was dry and in the 50's. What more can you ask for? How about a gorgeous sunset. Done! 

I loved Andrew's pumpkin. If you look over the one eye you will see his scar. 

Our friends went all out again this year. They had their pirates but this year they added a dragon! 

This is one of the most adorable, young, attractive teachers at Andrew's school. She was hilarious to watch in the parade. I had to ask how she did the boobs. They were magnificently droopy yet still had bounce. She used balloons! Now you know. If you want realistic droopy boobs use balloons. 

Andrew in the parade

My sweet Nicole looking gorgeous as a skeleton.

Ariel and I getting ready for the class parties.

Another shot of the dragon. It was animated. It moved, growled and it breathed faux fire. 

I got to run a game in Andrew's class. The kids were all great sports and we had a ton of fun.

Emma with her candy.

Andrew and Devin with their candy.

The super cute candy bar holder his primary teacher had for him.

When Emma saw that Andrew had gotten more candy she asked me to drive her and Jenna around a little bit more. I was happy to oblige. I love Halloween and wished the night could have lasted longer. 

I can't believe it's over. I wish it could be Halloween everyday! 

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rlg said...

Sooo cute! I love Emma's costume, she looks adorable and you did a great job making it. Andrew, what can I say. I think that is the best he has ever looked for Halloween. I love the way he looks. You too look great. Thanks for sharing your pictures.